Lucky Day - Win Real Money!

Lucky Day - Win Real Money!

By Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc.

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Lucky Day is a 100% Free Sweepstakes App! Lucky Day offers free scratcher, lotto, and raffle games for a chance to win real money and rewards. With daily opportunities to win up to $100,000 in cash instantly, earn rewards, or enter raffles! Lucky Day is a free lifestyle experience on your mobile device. We change lives daily by offering hundreds of games for our players to scratch and have a chance to win real money instantly. Play your free daily lotto and scratch cards for a chance to win real money and prizes. New scratch cards are available daily for your chance to win up to $10,000 instantly. You can also enter sweepstakes contests, raffle giveaways, and the daily lotto. Lucky Day is 100% free to download and play with no in-app purchases or deposits. Lucky Day Features: * Score a chance to win the jackpot prize of $100,000 by entering the daily lotto! * Win up to $10,000 by matching 3 winning symbols on the instant win scratch cards! * Cash prizes can be redeemed via PayPal. * Earn gift cards from top brands including Amazon, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, Target, etc. Over $1.5 Million in cash and rewards have already been awarded to Lucky Day players. With hundreds of real winners daily - you could be next! New scratch card games and lotto drawings are available daily, so make sure to play every day to maximize your chance to win! Lucky Day is 100% free to download and play with no in-app purchases or deposits. Congratulations to some of our recent winners: * Heidi E. from Owosso, MI who won the $200 Cash Rodeo Scratcher in * March 2018 * Brittany W. from Decatur, AL who won the $500 Monkey Business Scratcher in March 2018 * Kelsey D. from Fort Collins, CO who won the $500 Gold Rush Scratcher in March 2018 * Shaiane B. from New Haven, CT who the $1,000 Raffle in January 2018 * Laurie B. from Boston, MA who won $1,000 Raffle in December 2017 For all the latest news and winning opportunities, make sure to Like and Follow Lucky Day on social media! Facebook: @luckydayapp Instagram: @luckydayapp Twitter: @luckydayapp For feature requests or feedback, please send us an email to us at THESE SWEEPSTAKES ARE DEVISED AS NON-GAMBLING PROMOTIONS and are intended solely for entertainment purposes.​ *APPLE, INC. ("Apple") IS NOT A SPONSOR NOR IS INVOLVED IN ANY WAY WITH THIS APP, NOR DO THEY ENDORSE THIS SERVICE OR SPONSOR, ANY PRIZE REDEMPTIONS. *Lucky Day is a free mobile gaming app that allows users to win money, no purchase is necessary.



  • Do not get

    By A girl who was scammed
    If you think about it who gives away 100s of dollars to random people over an app for free. They most likely are taking your PayPal log in and your social media log ins. Overall just stealing your personal information from the viruses that are downloaded to your phone. Think... they’ll have your friend’s and family’s phone numbers. All of your texts and everyone that is in your phone, they will have their information to go and bombard them with ads to get more info on more people. SAVE YOURSELVES DO NOT GET THIS DEMON OF AN APP!!!!!!
  • Download Now!

    By adribenz
    Easy and fun way to win cash or even to win Instant Rewards! Such like gift cards or jewelry or makeup! Amazing!
  • 😂

    By jessehuckleberrt
    Haven’t won anything yet but it takes time off the day. A little something to kill time when waiting for your prostate exam...wait, what!?..
  • Some things you need to know before playing

    By KingJackery125
    I like the game and I have won $1.50 so far, but the blackjack scams you and you lose the coins a lot so you can’t buy a lot of raffles.
  • Too many Ad’s

    By Victoria_Brz
    Would have given a 5 Star Rating if a 30 second Ad didn’t pop up every other minute.
  • Let's be honest

    By ataman123346645646
    Do people actually get money. I'm keep getting the lowest amount of money or this is a scam
  • Awesome

    By lizziness26
    Love this app
  • Yay lucky day!

    By Teenxge dirtbxg
    Great to do just when you’re bored or on the toilet and you earn while you play
  • Won my first night

    By shad banks 864
    I meet people get upset when they don’t win big or money instead of coins you have to give it time your time may or may not it not guarantee I mean it’s free freeeee I know people who spend 30% of their check that dang there half of their check on scratch tickets an powerball an still have not won a dime but you wana get upset when it’s free 💁🏾‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️ I love the app
  • Still thinking

    By T-Wolf73
    It's been about a month now and I am beginning to feel suspicious about this app. It starts out well.. you win cash on scratch tickets here and there. I actually wound up at $8.75 ($10 is the minimum before you can cash out). Suddenly the game went dry for the past week. I'm feeling like it's a bit of a scam, BUT will change my review/rating in another week. If I can cash out, it'll go up. Otherwise.. it'll become one star. Aaand, it’s a bogus app. As I got close to cashing out, I suddenly went two full weeks (now updated to seven full weeks) without a single cash prize. A very stark contrast to the first three weeks I played. Any game offering magical winnings without having to prove winners usually tend to be money-grabs. Also just to clarify, to the people thinking that we’re complaining about not winning thousands of dollars.. we’re complaining because we clearly see that we can’t win the most basic of $10 because the game is rigged. It might be free, but they’re making money off ads. Update: Well, while not able to ever get $10 or more.. I actually DID get a $5 gift card. So I guess that’s at least something.