Yodha Love Astrology Horoscope Vs Daily Horoscopes

Yodha Love Astrology Horoscope Vs Daily Horoscopes

By Love Astrology and Horoscope Compatibility by Yodha Nepalese Vedic Center Ltd

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Why settle for an ordinary horoscope when you can have access to authentic Vedic astrologers from Nepal? With the free Yodha app, there are no visits and no calls. Ask Real astrologers anything you want! With the free Yodha app, you’ll enjoy: - Immediate access to your personal astrologer on the go, anytime, anywhere - Ease of use - your answer is just a click away - Free daily, weekly horoscopes and predictions for special events - Special gifts and promotional bonuses - Quality, professional customer service How does it work? - Create a profile with your birth details - Ask a question - An astrologer will read your birth chart and make a prediction - Receive a personal reading based on the ancient knowledge What to ask? Ongoing changes in the positions of planets and other celestial objects of the universe affect major aspects of your life. Ask what you are interested in to know. Be it about your love, relationship, compatibility… - When and where will I fall in love and get married? - Does the one I love love me back? I want to know my relationship compatibility - Is my Ex love still in love with me? Will my Ex and I get back together? - Is he playing with my heart? What is my love compatibility prediction? Your daily life, activities and decisions to be made… - What is going to happen in my life today? How should I prepare? - Am I going to pass my math exam test tomorrow? - Should I buy that house in Palo Alto? What is the best place to live according to my birth chart? - Today I am visiting my parents. What's in store for me at this meeting? - How can I plan for the upcoming workday so that it goes as smoothly as possible? Purpose in life, wellness, horoscope and more… - I'm having a hard time figuring out my purpose in life. Do you have an idea of a direction I should go? - What is my Vedic zodiac sign? Because I've heard it is different in Vedic astrology. - Is my horoscope sign always correct about my personality? I act more like a different zodiac sign! Is this normal? - I want to change everything about my life right now. Where should I start? Vedic astrology has been around for centuries and is extremely popular in modern India and Nepal. It is the time-honored, traditional astrological art of ancient culture and has been continually developed and refined since primordial times. It is based upon an in-depth analysis of your birth and astronomical data. Today, Vedic astrology is an integral discipline of study related to medicine and history in many Nepalese and Indian Universities. Vedic comes from the word "Veda", which means "knowledge". The Vedas are the oldest and most significant scriptures in Hindu spirituality, documented by ancient seers called Rishis. The Vedas tap into the mechanics of creation and are daily used in contemplation and deep meditation. Vedic astrology is also called Jyotish, which means "eye (or light) of nature". Vedic astrologers do a deep analysis of person's time cycles related to the zodiac which can help them to predict problems before they arise. Vedic astrology is never fatalistic in nature. It merely warns and suggests positive ways how to avoid problems by making life changes. The ongoing guidance of a Vedic astrologer can be indispensable.



  • Love this app

    By whyisntthereanyusernames
    I absolutely love this app, they respond super quick! It doesn’t really cost that much money and there also very accurate! Absolutely recommend
  • Wow

    By Brook Oser
    This app is real. I literally feel crazy saying this but so many of the questions I’ve submitted the astrologers have been dead on with their predictions, they’re not just short predictions either, they’re long and detailed. I love this app. I love the astrologers, thank you!
  • Amazing

    By pf124467
    I take back any negative comments I might have made before. They are AMAZING. He was right on the money with my questions. Totally recommend.
  • Perfect reading.

    By LavyRoars
    I read hours and hours about astrology and the astrologer in asked for me to expand on my question with which career options I was considering. He gave me an answer that actually lines up perfectly with my choice of career opportunities. He also gave an exact statement of what happened in my life a couple years ago. I'm very impressed and hopeful now. Thank You!
  • 👍

    By Pintoo k
    Nice app pretty accurate predictions 👍
  • Wow

    By Edwill Duhh
    These astrologers are good at what they do. I went here speaking about my heart and mind being torn and it went back to 2010-11. These astrologers have a touch. Great app #Inspiring
  • I use this app at least 1-2x a month

    By Urbansavage
    I send every major question I have about health, relationships, career and marriage to gauge what is happening in my life. They feel pretty spot on. I mean on it as a tool to understand my environment. But maybe I just need reassurance that there is a reason why I feel a certain way or why things are happening in my life.
  • Reliability

    By Gigi1902
    I didn’t realize how much I rely on this app. It so much different than going to a psychic, it’s actually reliable and you can help change what might be happening in your life because it’s focusing on planets, stars, mood and so forth. It’s worked for me, I hope you find the guidance helpful.
  • Thoughtful prediction

    By Filmmaker19
    I liked the prediction I got on whether my book that I published would sell—I was told of influences that might have been obstacles and being proactive on my end in advertising. But I was given two good times this year and next when my book might do better. I felt the prediction had integrity to it and was authentic. Filmmaker 19
  • Ridiculous-these people are not psychics

    By facepalmed 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
    This app wants to charge you $5.99 per question you ask, then they give you vague answers about things that “could possibly” happen in the future. I was skeptical, so in my first question I asked them a question straight off their list of suggested questions. It was, “Can you tell me about money flow throughout my life time?” I figured that since I’m in my 30s, I could see how they answer and compare it to what’s actually happened. They gave me a zero information about what my charts said about the past and super vague information about the future. So I contacted customer support and went back and forth with them while they argued with me and defended their vague answer for money scheme. This app is garbage, don’t waste your time or money.