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GroupMe - A Home for All the Groups in Your Life. Family. Roommates. Friends. Coworkers. Teams. Vacations. Greek Life. Bands. Faith Groups. Events. “Lifechanger.... utterly indispensable” -Gizmodo START CHATTING Add anyone to a group via their phone number or email address. If they don’t have the app, they can start chatting over SMS immediately. CONTROL NOTIFICATIONS You’re in charge! Mute specific chats, or the entire app – you can even leave or end group chats. SAY MORE THAN WORDS With an extensive set of exclusive emoji, you can express yourself in a whole new way. THE WHOLE INTERNET IN YOUR GROUP Meme images, search for and send GIFs and videos, and see content shared from URLs displayed in the chat. SHARE NOW, RELIVE LATER The gallery saves your memories. Easily explore the photos and videos shared in your group now, or later. LEAVE TEXTING BEHIND With direct messages, you can use all the features you love for group chat, but one-on-one. CHAT WHEREVER YOU ARE Including from your computer at Stay in touch whether you’re separated by a hallway or a hemisphere. Get your group together. We want to hear your feedback! Email: Twitter: @GroupMe Facebook: Instagram: @GroupMe Love, Team GroupMe NOTE: SMS chat currently available in US only. Standard text messaging rates may apply. Privacy Policy: Made with love in New York



  • Group me

    By meme43me
    Won’t allow me to down load all groups
  • No help

    By bspanky
    No advice for what to do if account gets hacked
  • Please add this!!!

    By Markarts
    Can a delete message be possible, if a mistake is made and posted due to misspelling or what ever it’s posted with no way the poster can simply delete or edit the post. Sounds like such a simply request other than just having the option of hiding it though everyone still can see it, except YOU!!! How hard can a delete post or edit button be to add if it's from the original person who posted it?
  • App problems

    By Mookie614
    My app won’t let me log in, and will close every time I try to get on.
  • Help

    By only getting text
    All my messages are coming through as text. And not in through the app.
  • Hacked

    By AnBeard
    Someone hacked my account and is sending a link to all my contacts, so I now have to delete the account.
  • Wonderful way to connect

    By Lily marsh
    Excellent for sharing photos and staying in touch with family members. Easy to start and customize groups. Love this app!
  • Feature request

    By stephen.moore
    I enjoy the feature to have custom nicknames for individual chats, I would like the ability to add signatures! Add a signature to your standard message, or have a specific signature for a specific group! Also, when opening a conversion on one device, the notifications should disappear across all devices!
  • Why do you keep messages forever?

    By omihek
    Update: So my friend showed me how to “Clear Chat History” on a one-on-one chat, which doesn’t actually clear the chat history by the way. How do I know this? Because the iPad app still shows the most recent message in that “empty” chat in the sidebar where all the chats are listed. So it clears the chat from my phone, but not from your servers or even my account. Why? Also, even if I clear a chat, that person is still sitting there in my chat list, even though the chat is “empty.” Why in the world would I want an empty chat sitting there?! So I have to also “hide” the chat, which puts it in the archive, which means I will never see another message from that person. I don’t know if I’m the only one in the world that doesn’t save all my messages from every single person FOREVER, but there must be something I’m missing if a feature that seems so basic and crucial to me isn’t one of the first things any developer would implement into a messaging app. Original review: I like using GroupMe. It’s good at what it does. It’s sort of annoying that some of my friends and family have chosen to use GroupMe exclusively even though there’s a perfectly good messaging platform on all phones called texting, but I guess whatever floats their boat. I have one major issue that is pushing me towards deleting GroupMe forever. It’s the fact that GroupMe saves all the messages forever. Why do you need to do that, GroupMe? Why do you need to save my private conversations on your services forever? I can’t even delete them from my own account history. I just don’t understand it. With the new privacy and information laws just activated in the EU, you at least have to allow them to be able to delete any data you are storing on them, so why not just give that feature to all your users? I have tons of message threads and groups in my archives simply because I didn’t even start the conversation and I don’t normally talk to those people but they messaged me once upon a time about one thing and now I am forced to have those few words in my history FOREVER. Do you realize that in 50 years I will still have those messages taking up space and distracting me unless you let us actually delete (as opposed to “hide”, which hides things maybe for a day or two until I log in on another device or GroupMe randomly refreshes and brings all hidden messages and archived private conversations back). Another dumb thing about this whole thing is that if I archive a conversation to get it out of my face, if the person ever messages me again, it disappears into the archives and I never get the new message. Argh! So frustrating. And it all revolves around your unexplainable desire to save everything forever. I’m wondering what you are planning to do with those messages in 50 years. Like why do you need to save everything forever? It’s just so confusing to me. I should be able to completely delete a private conversation if I want to. And then if the person wants to message me again, it creates a totally new conversation that I can also delete at my leisure. In addition to letting us have control over our own private messages, it would be nice to have an automatic hiding or archiving feature for conversations or groups that haven’t had a new message in a while. Like if a convo goes a whole month with no updates, just stick it in the archive. If it gets a new message, automatically remove it from the archive and stick it back in the list of conversations and groups. Also, sort of unrelated, but I think admins should have the power to delete messages in a conversation thread. Sometimes people post things in the wrong group, sometimes people post inappropriate or unrelated things and the choice is either delete the whole group and start a new one from scratch or just leave it there and hope no one ever scrolls back up to find it, sometimes you just want to clear old messages out of the convo, or messages from a person who ended up leaving the group or getting banned. And when they delete the message (or picture, or poll, or event, etc., it should delete it for everyone, not just the device that deleted it. Basically it should delete it from the conversation, not just the persons device.
  • Love the app but....

    By Anonymous329
    I have loved using this app for many years. It hasn’t given me any problems until now. Someone added me to a group but I never received the invite. I show up under the “members” section of the group as SMS. He has tried to invite me again to no avail. PLEASE fix this and I will give the 5 stars.